Lenovo Debuts World’s First 5G Laptop “Project Limitless”

Demoed at Computex earlier this week, Lenovo has developed a new modern PC laptop with ultra-fast 5G capabilities that always remains connected to the internet. It’s called Project Limitless.

This sleek hardware is the first of its kind to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G modem, able to connect to the expanding 5G network which is currently available in select areas across most capital cities. Lenovo is investing in the future. Australia will get there eventually.

Lenovo’s Project Limitless runs on the Snapdragon 8cx processor said to support immersive user experiences and meet the needs of travellers. Expect multi-gigabit data speeds, long battery life, enterprise applications, and security-rich capabilities–all in a thin form laptop. It’s the mobility to work or play while on the road without a WiFi connection or a smartphone hotspot.

lenovo always connected laptop

Lenovo cites several examples of the benefits of 5G speeds. One is real-time translation with users conversing in English with their Mandarin Chinese-speaking colleagues on the other side of the world. The other is film students collaborating online while editing video footage in real-time and then being able to upload the finished film almost instantly.

“With real 5G in a PC, it’s all about satisfying users’ need for speed: faster file transfers and streaming in 4K, 8K and even AR/VR; faster and higher quality video chats on-the-go,” said Johnson Jia, Senior Vice President of Consumer Business at Lenovo.

“5G PC users the world-over will save time, stay productive, or get online entertainment from nearly anywhere, at any time.”

There’s currently not a lot of information regarding this new laptop beyond its 5G capabilities. Expect to see more of the Lenovo Project Limitless over the coming months before it arrives in early 2020.

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lenovo always connected laptop screen