Lenovo Introduces Yoga 920 2-1 Convertible

Tech brand Lenovo definitely brought its A game to the 2017 IFA. In addition to unveiling the Star Wars augmented reality experience to a stunned crowd, they introduced the new Yoga 920 to comparable enthusiasm. Lenovo’s latest 2-1 convertible is arguably more than a premium device, it’s the current apex of mobile computing as we know it. Never one to disappoint an engaged audience, Lenovo also offered up two Yoga 920 Star Wars Special Editions.

black lenovo yoga 920 different model

Like its predecessors, the Yoga 920 is a supremely flexible and powerful beast. It’s also really light at 1.3 kg, and really long-lasting with 15.5 hours of power delivered from a single charge. Use it as a laptop or a tablet depending on what suits your spacial needs. Also, say goodbye to paper because the Yoga 920 comes with a Lenovo Active Pen 2 for digital notes and graphics alike. Pair that with a 4K IPS touchscreen display, an 8th generation Intel chip, premium Gorilla Glass and rich Dolby Atmos sound and you’re in for top shelf performance with a sleek and sturdy body to match.

 lenovo yoga 920 boys jumping in the screen

Among the Yoga 920’s new features are 2 Thunderbolt USB-C ports, a top mounted webcam and the aforementioned Pen 2. However, what really turned heads at IFA was Cortana’s ability to now acknowledge commands or questions from up to 4 metres away. Expect that distance to grow in upcoming years as voice recognition technology continues to develop at breakneck speed.

 lenovo yoga 920 silver color back side

Then there are the special edition convertibles. First up is the Yoga 920 Vibes, which slaps a hypnotic “visual vibration” cover design over the Gorilla Glass. And last but certainly not least are the two Star Wars Special Editions. One is the Rebel Alliance, the other is the Galactic Empire, and both are naturally straight out of a modern day tech-heads wildest dreams.

Check it out

black lenovo yoga 920 back part

Disclosure: Man of Many travelled to IFA as a guest of Lenovo.

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