Logitech Introduces Powerplay Wireless Charging Mousepad

Logitech just introduced a mousepad that charges a mouse—even when not in use. Designed for gamers, this mousepad uses proprietary Powercore technology developed by Logitech. The electronics company said that more than four years of research and design went into the Powerplay Wireless Charging Mousepad.

The Powerplay Mousepad eliminates wireless disconnects, input lag and dead batteries. This mousepad consists of a bundle that includes a wireless charging base, two mouse pads and a Powercore module.

 powerplay mousepad two mouse pads and powercore module

Electromagnetic resonance is used to create an energy field above the surface of the Powerplay base. The energy field delivers power to the base without interfering with data transmission. This technology allows the wireless mouse to be charged even while in motion. You just plug your mouse into the Powercore module, and it transforms magnetic energy to a changing current for your mouse.

An integrated receiver is located close to the mouse. The receiver eliminates the need for a separate USB data receiver. Your gaming mouse pairs directly with the Powerplay base.

logitech powerplay mousepad front side with cable

The Powerplay Mousepad comes in both a cloth and hard surface version. So, you can choose which one is most comfortable for you. You can even swap them interchangeably, as well. This mousepad features customizable RGB Lighting, which allows you to sync colour with your gaming gear. So, you can synchronise lighting effects with your keyboard and other peripherals for a unified look.

Unfortunately for Mac users, the Powerplay Wireless Charging Mousepad is only available to PC users. There is no word yet on when or if it will be available for Mac users.

Check it out

logitech powerplay mousepad side view with carging cable

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