Logitech’s Craft Keyboard Was Designed for Creatives

Logitech just released a new keyboard that should give graphic artists and other creatives a lot more creative control. Called the Craft Keyboard, it features a creative input dial that is located at the top left of the keyboard. This dial lets you quickly and easily make image adjustments in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign CC and similar apps.

This versatile input dial helps keeps you focused so that you can maintain your creative flow with as little interruption as possible. The touch sensitive dial can be clicked or rotated. It adapts intuitively to the app that you are using giving you full access to functions needed so that you can complete the task at hand.

logitech's craft keyboard front

The dial can do more than image adjustment. You can use it to navigate through your playlist, make Excel spreadsheets and jump from tab to tab in your browser. You can pair the dial with just about any app using Logitech Options software.

The keyboard provides a premium typing experience. It was designed for comfort, precision and efficiency. Increased key stability optimises responsiveness and reduces noise. This helps ensure that your fingers don’t miss a key.

logitech's craft keyboard wireless black

You can switch between three Windows or Mac devices using Bluetooth wireless LE. The keyboard is backlit with smart illumination. This illumination senses the amount of light in a room and adjusts the backlighting accordingly.

Logitech has designed the Craft Keyboard to work with its other MX products, including the MX Sound PC Bluetooth Speaker and the MX Master series of mice.

Check it out

logitech's craft keyboard upper part

logitech's craft keyboard side view

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