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Microsoft surface 4 a

Microsoft Goes All-In on WFH with Upgraded Surface 4 Laptop

Life is made up of choices, and now you have a choice when it comes to Microsoft’s Surface lineup. The new Surface Laptop 4 can be had with either AMD or Intel processors in both 13.5 and 15 inch models. Buyers of the laptop can choose the AMD Ryzen 4000 series processor in models starting at $999, or the model with Intel’s 11th Gen processors starting at AUD$1,599.

Microsoft surface 4 4

It may stand out to you that Microsoft has chosen to use the AMD Ryzen 4000 series rather than the new 5000 series CPU, but that choice results in a significant price change, making the AMD versions available at a $300 difference compared to the Intel version. Even though it’s not the newest model, the AMD still offers plenty of performance.

Speaking of performance, the addition of these new processors bumps up the performance of the Surface Laptop by 70 per cent, says Microsoft, as compared to the Surface Laptop 3. It also promises gains on battery life as well, with the 13.5-inch AMD model getting 19 hours and the 15-inch getting 17.5 hours. The Intel versions offer 17 hours and 16.5 hours respectively. If you opt for the Intel versions, you’ll also get the latest Iris Xe graphics from Intel.

In addition to the processors, you’ll have choices when it comes to design. The Surface Laptop 4 ships in classic platinum Surface style and a new ice blue colour. Or you can choose matte black and sandstone if you prefer the metal options over the Alcantara fabric models. As for connectivity, the laptop offers a single USB-C port and USB-a port as well as a headphone jack and Microsoft’s Surface Connect port for charging. Choices add variety and spice to life, and you can get plenty of both with Microsoft’s latest addition to the Surface line.

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Microsoft surface 4 3

Microsoft surface 4

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