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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go 2 Will Help You to Lighten Your Load

Microsoft has just announced that June 7 will see the launch of its new Surface Laptop Go 2, a machine that’s perfect for the average user and priced accordingly. The thing is, not everyone needs a laptop that can launch a mission to mars, run the latest high-speed online multiplayer gaming titles, or even offer professional-grade video editing. Most people just want something that lets them keep on top of their inbox, watch the odd YouTube video and indulge in a little online shopping when they feel like spoiling themselves.

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The Surface Laptop Go 2 looks positioned to fulfil those needs precisely, with Microsoft maintaining the focus on the ultra-portability and premium feel that were at the heart of its predecessor. Like the original Surface Laptop Go, the Laptop Go 2 features Instant On and a power button fingerprint reader as well as a 12.4-inch PixelSense touchscreen. Where the Laptop Go 2 sets itself apart is with the introduction of a quad-core 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, improved HD camera and dual studio mics – ensuring you look and sound presentable when jumping on those unavoidable work video calls – as well as all-day battery life and fast charging.

All of this is wrapped in a package that’s 166 grams lighter than an Apple MacBook Air. That might not sound like much, but every little bit matters when you’re lugging your laptop around all day, whether you’re heading to and from the office, uni or just to a location with a better view.

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At AUD$1,199, the Surface Laptop Go 2’s starting price is also significantly cheaper than the AUD$1,499 that Apple asks for its MacBook Air. Plus, Microsoft’s done quite a decent job in recent years of closing the aesthetic gap between Apple’s machines and its own. Gone are the days in which the owners of ugly Windows machines gazed with envy upon the polished finishes and sleek builds of their friends’ Apple MacBooks.

Something else to consider is that despite being cheaper than Apple’s offering, the Laptop Go 2 does see a significant bump in price from its predecessor’s $824 starting point. And when the new generation laptop arrives, the original might be discounted even further. Due to it being a decent little package in its own right, the first-gen Surface Laptop Go might be worth considering for the kids or if you need a cheap but decent machine asap.

Available in Sage, Sandstone, Ice Blue and Platinum finishes, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 will launch on June 7 from reputable electronics retailers and the Microsoft Online Store. If all this laptop lingo is little more than gibberish to you, check out our Guide to Computer Specifications.

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