Monitormate ProBASE X Aluminum Monitor Stand Adds Ergonomics and Style

Looking at making your cubicle or office more ergonomic often starts with elevating your monitor to a more optimal position. But if you have any sort of décor sense, you won’t be pleased with the plastic stands or the cheap, grated metal ones. MONITORMATE has a stylish monitor stand that is stylish and functional.

monitormate probase x

The MONITORMATE ProBASE X comes in a matte black, giving it a stylish and professional look. The stand is made of aluminum, providing plenty of stability and strength. A built in storage drawer allows for storage of frequently used items like flash drives, external HDDs, memory cards, and even some stationery. Opposite the drawer you’ll find 2 USB expansion ports. The stand also has a built-in card reader that supports SD/MicroSD and can read and write at speeds of up to 104 Mb per second. With instant gigabit-speed Ethernet connectivity, you’ll be able to access networks more securely. Finally, the stand has an 18W QC/PD charging port that will charge your devices four times faster.

monitor stand

The elevated stand not only brings your monitor into a better viewing position, it also opens up space on your desk, giving you room to slide your keyboard and mouse underneath so that you have room to write. MONITORMATE’s ProBase X aluminum monitor stand dresses up your desk and gives your neck a rest.

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