ROG Swift 360Hz

ROG Swift Monitor Offers a World First 360Hz Refresh Rate

There are those in the automotive world that believe you can never have enough horsepower. Translate that into the gaming world, and there are players who believe you can never have enough hertz when it comes to your monitor. Fortunately, Asus employs those people in their monitor department. The new ROG Swift monitor is equipped to handle 360Hz, making it the first gaming monitor to do so.

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Having that much power makes the monitor one of the fastest on the market today. Adding to that, the Swift 360Hz is also to offer that kind of a refresh rate using an IPS panel instead of a TN. Using an IPS panel means that the monitor is capable of a 1 ms response time, creating sharper visuals and higher frame rates. Endowed with a 1920 by 1080 pixel native resolution, the monitor also supports Nvidia’s G-Sync adaptive sync tech. An Nvidia G-SYNC processor provides tear-free gaming as well. To keep the system cool, Asus used an intelligent cooling system that features a custom heatsink with more surface area for improved heat exchange. Finally, the monitor is HDR10 compatible, so you’ll bet truer colors and more brightness as compared to normal monitors.

The monitor measures 24.5 inches—something that professional gamers will keep an eye on, literally. Smaller screens allow gamers to keep the whole game within their view, instead of having to move their eyes to see different parts, thus slowing down their reaction time. The rest of the design stays true to Asus parameters. The bezel has a special non-reflective coating on the bottom to reduce onscreen reflections. To cut down on distractions, the indicator light has been relocated to the underside of the bezel. The stand not only helps to manage your cables, it also is designed to allow for more space for your keyboard and mouse. And of course the monitor features Asus Aura Sync—an ambient lighting feature that can synchronize with other Aura-enabled products. The monitor provides a single DisplayPort and a single HDMI port. There’s also a 3.5mm earphone jack and a USB 3.0 port. The ROG Swift 360Hz monitor is priced at USD$700.

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