Satechi Offers a Helping Hand to Mac Users

“The Satechi Type-C Aluminum UHS-II Mocro/SD Card Reader Adapter addresses one of the challenges that Mac users face—the lack of a way to easily read SD and micro-USB cards used in cameras and other accessories. Given Mac’s earned reputation for graphics and design, not being able to easily get your photos from camera to Mac is a dilemma. The Satechi adapter solves that issue.

The adapter comes in either silver or space gray, nicely matching your Mac, and connects via a USB-C plug. The adapter has both SD and micro-SD card readers built in. You also won’t have to choose between the two as the Satechi adapter allows you to use both simultaneously. The Satechi adapter is a small addition to your workspace, measuring only 2.24 x 1.46 x 0.42 inches and weighing just 0.88 ounces.

It’s also a strong performer. The Satechi adapter is capable of transfer speeds up to 312 Mbps, keeping it competitive with any other card readers out there, and getting you to your photos and videos quicker. It can read UHS-I, SDXC, SDHC, and the older SD cards, as well as the faster SD4.0 UHS-II cards. The adapter comes plug-and-play ready, with no need to download any drivers. A blue LED light indicates when the device is ready to be used.

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