Seagate PS4 External Hard Drive Houses Your Gaming Collection

Libraries are great things, except for two problems—portability and space. The same holds true for your game library. Taking your games with you can be challenging. And when you want to add a new game, you may have to clear off old titles, but which of your old favorites do you want to get rid of. Seagate has created an external hard drive for PS4 that lets you have both portability and plenty of space for all of your games.

External HardDrive attach to computer

The Seagate PS4 External Hard Drive has space for over 100 games thanks to its 4TB Game Drive. That massive amount of storage means that you can keep all your games and play them with no lag time. The enclosure of the hard drive is made of black aluminum, which makes it both sleek and tough. And because of its small size, you can take it with you wherever you go so that you don’t have to miss any time playing. Just plug in the drive, log into your PlayStation account, and you’re right back into the action.

flat view External HardDrive

The drive is compatible with any-gen PS4 system (software version 4.50 and higher). Even more important, using the hard drive doesn’t void your system’s warranty or network—it’s made with the same firmware as your PS4. So get ready to radically expand your game library, just remember to come up for air every now and then.

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seagate PS4 External HardDrive

External HardDrive side view