The Best Mouse in the World Just Got Upgraded with Logitech’s MX Master 3

Be honest, how much do you actually pay attention to your computer mouse? For the vast majority of computer users, little thought is given to this vital tool until it finally gives out. Then it’s off to the store to browse through aisle after aisle looking for that mouse that can fill the void. Save yourself some time and go for Logitech’s newest version, the MX Master 3 Mouse.

MX Master 3 Mouse in lady's hand

The MX Master 3 Mouse has a new approach when it comes to your mouse. For starters, it’s not using the familiar ratcheting scroll wheel. Instead, it employs a new electromagnetic system for the scrolling wheel. The familiar two modes are still there—step-by-step and the free-spinning, “silent” mode. The new electromagnetic system, which Logitech calls a “magspeed” scroll wheel, makes the step-by-step mode feel smoother and seem quieter. The free-spinning mode may be the closest thing to perpetual motion. According to Logitech, the new system “is precise enough to stop on a pixel and quick enough to scroll 1,000 lines in a second.”

MX Master 3 Mouse side view

The body of the mouse is made of machined steel, giving it a heftier feel in your hand while also increasing tactility. It also subscribes to a new design that is meant to more fully fit your palm. There’s also a thumb wheel for more functionality. Finally, it can be configured to match your workflow regardless of the app—from Adobe to Microsoft and everything in between. It can track on virtually any surface, thanks to its “best-in-class 4000 DPI precision.” And even more exciting, it charged via USB-C, with a full 70 days of worktime on a full charge. You can get three hours of use from just one minute of charging.

MX Master 3 Mouse front

The MX Master 3 is available for AU$149.95 on Logitech’s site. Maybe it’s time that you start paying more attention to your mouse—there are definitely better options out there.

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MX Master 3 Mouse top view

MX Master 3 Mouse battery section