The LaCie Mobile SSD is on the Go

Memory is the name of the game whether you’re computing, shooting video, or taking pictures, and the new LaCie Mobile SSD will have you running at hyper speed all day every day. The Mobile SSD is an external solid state drive with up to 540MB per second speeds. It works with USB-C, USB 3.0, Windows, and Mac.

 Mobile SSD

That speed will allow you to edit photos and videos with zero lag. In fact, you can transfer an hour of video or thousands of high-resolution images in less than one minute. The drive’s 2TB of capacity lets you store up to 65 hours of videos or up to 200k high-resolution photos.

lacie ssd in bag

Accessing all that memory is a breeze thanks to the LaCie Toolkit software. The software mirrors folders, allowing you to choose the best route for you. The software works with Time Machine, and can be set up to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups. You can sync files and projects from multiple devices, and it features one click back up on demand functionality.

LaCIE Mobile SSD

All that and it looks nice, too. The drive features an exclusive diamond-cut anniversary design, and its space grey colour will match your Mac. It’s made of aluminium, making it lightweight and drop resistant. If you’re looking for a mobile way to store all your hard work, then LaCie has the answer.

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