Traveler: This Ultimate Distraction-Free Writing Tool Keeps You in the Zone

Distractions are a writer’s greatest nemesis, and fortunately Traveler is the ultimate distraction-free writing tool. Though the Traveler is in prototype stages right now, it uses the Freewrite platform, so production isn’t far off. The Traveler eliminates many of the distractions that writers have to deal with when working on a computer—Youtube, social media, games, Internet browsing, and many other apps or programs.

Instead, the Traveler uses an E-ink screen. This screen is a white backdrop where actual particles of ink show up to display what you’re writing. E-ink is also perfect for writing in outdoor settings as it won’t wash out in direct sunlight. Writers who have been using Freewrite report back that their productivity nearly doubled once they started using this new tool. Traveler will be even more effective at freeing up a writer to stay in that elusive creative zone.

The Traveler has a four-week battery life, so you can go anywhere with it. It also uses the cloud for document syncing through Wi-Fi. Traveler has a continual auto-save feature to prevent you from losing your work. Traveler is foldable and roughly half the size of a laptop, and it weighs less than two pounds, making it even more mobile and easy to take with you.

Traveler uses a document launcher program that allows you to write and edit. It also has a progress tracker to help you reach your daily writing goals. Free up your writing, and get more done with Traveler.

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