Conquer Work and Travel with the TRACPOINT Travel Mouse

Working while traveling doesn’t always, well, work. Sitting in a plane, or at a table in a restaurant or café, or even in the back of a taxi all make it extremely difficult to get any work done. And what’s the culprit? More often than not it’s that clunky old mouse. On top of that, once you have your presentation ready, you still have to give it, which means you need a reliable presentation tool to coincide with those slides. The TRACPOINT Travel Mouse and Presenter addresses all those concerns.

mouse in the hand with laptop

The travel mouse is extremely compact and wireless, so you don’t have to reserve space for the mouse or for all that cord that’s just going to get in the way anyway. The mouse is tiny, weighing only 24 grams—that’s 25 percent of the weight of a conventional mouse. Its pen-grip design is more ergonomic as well. That same design makes the mouse more responsive and requires less space to actually use the device.

TRACTPOINT - Travel Mouse and Presenter

The travel mouse is also a presentation tool. You can use it as a spotlight to highlight certain aspects of your presentation or to activate links. It can move between slides and even swap between applications or windows. No need for multiple devices; you just need the mouse.

tractpoint travel mouse

That’s not the last of the innovations you’ll find in this mouse. The charging system is pretty impressive as well. The USB charging dongle plugs into any USB port. After just 60 seconds, it has enough power for one hour of use; leave it in for one hour of charging and it can power the mouse for up to two weeks. The charging dongle has a self-locating magnet connector that aligns the battery perfectly with the mouse and holds it in place while you use it.

tractpoint travel mouse in case

The TRACPOINT Travel Mouse and Presenter comes in a convenient, zip-lock carry and storage case. It’s software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. This little mouse takes the hassle and worry out of traveling.

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tractpoint travel mouse and presenter