Creative Super X-Fi Headphone Amp Turns Sound Holographic

Holographic is usually associated with more visual items—think Princess Leia’s message in Star Wars, the holodeck in Star Trek, or 2-Pac’s last gig at Coachella.

So, to hear “holographic” associated with audio may seem a little incongruous, but that’s the latest buzz word when talking about sound.

top view Super X-Fi Headphone

The idea behind holographic sound is that rather than sounding like its coming from your earphones, the audio sounds like it’s coming from outside of the headphones. That’s made possible by Creative’s Super X-Fi Headphone Amp.

The X-Fi is a small dongle—no bigger than a finger—that converts any headphone into a virtual surround sound. It replicates distance and spatiality, making it seem like “real world” audio.

Super X-fi dongle with speakers

Part of making that possible is adjusting to your head–each of us has a unique shape to our head and ears. Using three photos of your face and ears, taken with your phone, Creative then puts together a personalized head map to optimize your hearing experience.

The amp will work with any headphones up to 600 ohms, but it has been optimized for a few dozen (with more being added). The amp then adjusts the sound to make it seem like its coming from different angles instead of straight on, like most headphones.

Super X-Fi Headphone

The X-Fi is compatible with desktops, PCs and laptops; consoles like PS4 and Nintendo Switch; and Android 7.0 and later. This little dongle gives you that fully immersive, holographic audio experience you’ve been wanting for movies, music, and games.

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