Cubii is the First Smart Under-Desk Elliptical

Cubii is a new company that you may not have heard of, however with a successful 300k crowdfund under their belt, it’s worth paying attention. Great for fitness lovers with a desk job, Cubii is the first smart under-desk elliptical designed for the workplace. It’s a somewhat odd concept, however it also makes a ton of sense – sitting all day sucks but you don’t always have time to get away to the gym. That’s where the Cubii hopes to enter into the equation.

cubii smart under desk elliptical front

Following that 300k crowdfunding venture, the product is now available for sale with immediate shipping for those who order online. With a quiet, non-intrusive design, multiple levels of intensity and an app that tracks your activity, the product is ready to go. Check it out now to stay fit while you stay focused at the office.

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