CUJO Delivers Impenetrable Security for Your Home Network

No longer will the name CUJO be primarily associated with that rabid dog from the novel Stephen King was too drunk to remember writing. Instead, CUJO will be known as the cute tech guard dog that protects the home and family from cyber-attacks.

cujo smart devices

Sure your PC is already protected behind a firewall. But what about the smart TV and the baby monitor and who’s keeping tabs on your children’s smartphones? CUJO is an intelligent firewall system that protects all of the smart devices in your home from the dangers of the internet. Using a combination of cloud services, machine learning and a mobile app to manage your network, CUJO gives homes and small business peace of mind.

cujo cloud services machine learning

CUJO blocks content from potentially unsafe websites and protects against others accessing your data, finances and privacy. It’s also useful as a parental lock to control what your children can access on the web. Best of all, CUJO is constantly evolving and growing smarter to defend against increasingly innovative hacks.

cujo wi fi router

CUJO is easy to set up, simply plug it into your Wi-Fi router and install the app on your smartphone and you’re ready to go. CUJO is available to buy outright or in tiered subscriptions.

cujo full box set

cujo back site

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