Cutting Edge – WAZER Waterjet Cutter

It may sound like Elmer Fudd trying to pronounce ‘laser’, but the WAZER is in fact the first waterjet cutter designed to sit on your desktop. Like Gi from Captain Planet and the Planeteers, the WAZER harnesses the power of water to provide professional-level cutting technology at a cut-rate price.

water jet desktop

The WAZER utlisies hydraulic, pnematic, mechanical and electrical systems and promises to cut through any material, giving it near-limitless fabrication potential. It features digital controls for machine precision and promises to bring to the masses what was previously only available to heavy industrial users.

water jet use in shop

It’s currently on Kickstarter and has smashed it’s $100,000 goal with over $1.4m already pledged. The creators have promised to put the funds towards growing their team and developing the user-centric software and the WAZER should start shipping in August next year, although it’s currently only available to those in the US or Canada.

Check it out

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