DAKboard Smart Wall Display V2 Plus Upgrades Whiteboards

The DAKboard Smart Wall Display V2 Plus will be replacing the traditional whiteboard soon. The 24-inch HD screen uses IPS technology to give you a bright, crisp image regardless of where you are looking at it from. The V2 syncs with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, and Facebook and lets you sync with RSS news feeds. A customizable agenda view, with full monthly view that can be customized with your preferences of color coordination is also available. If you’re a to-do-lister, you can set up DAKboard by integrating with to-do list managers like Todoist, Microsoft To-Do, and Wunderlist.

DAKBoard weather display

If whiteboards aren’t your thing, then maybe digital wall art is. You can set the DAKboard as a digital photo frame and display photos from services like Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, or Google Photos. You can set the rotation interval, and use your existing photo albums on your devices through the WiFi connection.

DAKBoard To Do Screen

DAKboard can also be used for digital signage in your place of business. DAKboard’s custom layout editor can help you create signs, directories, conference room schedules, and more. Or set the DAKboard as smart weather station, complete with alerts from your favorite weather service like Yahoo, WeatherUnderground, or Dark Sky.

DAKBoard landscape calendar view

You can customize the DAKboard by adjusting the layout by dragging, dropping, or resizing any of the blocks of information. DAKboard can be used either vertically or horizontally. As versatile as the DAKboard is, you’ll wonder how exactly you lived with just a traditional whiteboard.

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