DALI’s Latest Bluetooth Speaker a Real Katch

DALI, or Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries for those of you averse to brevity, are exactly what you’d expect a Scandinavian company devoted to the enjoyment of music to be. Their products are sleek, fashionable, well made and have enough balls to handle the most excruciatingly ear-splitting cacophony that is Death Metal. This is their Katch, yet another Bluetooth speaker to add to an already saturated marketplace. The difference between this and most other Bluetooth speakers on the market? A couple of hundred dollarydoos (the Katch, to be released here in Oz in October, retails at £330 GBP, or about $570 AUD). What you get for all that extra dosh on a set of humble Bluetooth speakers? Well, it’s the little things.

dali bluetooth speaker mini sound system

While it might not read like groundbreaking advancements in the world of musical enjoyment, the Katch has all the trademarks endemic of chic European design. It’s robust, weighty yet portable, has real metal and leather in its construction, four speakers (two woofers and two tweeters) in its pint-sized body, and proudly boasts an output of 2 x 25W, no small feat for a speaker of this size. Its three colour formats, Dark Shadow, Cloud Gray and Green Moss sound like they could be Marvel villains, which only adds to the coolness of this little beauty of a Bluetooth speaker, and it looks to be a worthy investment for shoppers looking for something with a little more longevity than a bargain-bin sound system.

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dali bluetooth speaker on the kitchen table