The DAQRI Smart Helmet Will Change the Nature of Work

The DAQRI Smart Helmet is the most powerful augmented reality device on the market. It is a wearable human machine interface designed for the next generation worker. Equipped with over a dozen sensors delivering synchronised data about the environment and the user, DAQRI Smart Helmet is the most advanced device available designed to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety. The device bridges the gap between potential and experience by seamlessly connecting the worker to their environment and providing contextually relevant information that connects the individual to their industry. For the first time, a world-class sensor package has been fused with an intuitive user experience. Driven by DAQRI’s Intellitrack technology and native augmented reality software, users are provided with unprecedented levels of information about the world around them for the most precise display and tracking possible.

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daqri smart helmet is the most powerful and safety

daqri smart helmet is designed to increase productivity