Das Keyboard 5Q – The World’s First Cloud Connected Keyboard

Das Keyboard is redefining the way we receive notifications by launching the 5Q, the first cloud-connected keyboard that lights-up when interesting stuff is happening on the internet. Each key can be customised to light up a particular colour to notify you of something going down on the web. For example: Whenever you receive a notification via Twitter, you could program the T key to flash blue or whenever Man of Many posts to Facebook, the M key could flash red. The options are only limited by your imagination and patience. There’s also an oversized Q button built into the corner for easy access to the customisation software.

das 5q cloud connected keyboard connector button

The 5Q is only a cloud based keyboard if you want it to be. Online functions can be disabled, and you are still left with a quality keyboard. The 5Q is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign from mid-2016. It’s currently up for pre-order and will go for around $310 AU.

Check it out

das 5q cloud connected keyboard vertical view

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