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This Kickstarter Campaign For Ear Dehumidifiers Proves Tech Has Gone Too Far

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, why are my ears so humid?” No, neither have we. But plenty of people must’ve done as DearBuds SE – “the world’s first wearable ear dehumidifier” – is currently killing it on Kickstarter, having raised AUD$89,459 at the time of writing, completely smashing its AUD$7,147 goal.

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Dearbuds se

DearBuds SE | Image: Kickstarter

So what kind of aural emergency could have caused this sudden need to suck the moisture out of the holes in your head? Well, while it all sounds a little silly on the surface, according to the DearBuds team there’s genuine scientific reasoning behind it. As earbuds and headphones have become must-have items that we use consistently throughout the day – commute, work, exercise, etc. – they can cause moisture to become trapped inside our ears, increasing humidity in the ear canal, which drives up the production of wax, causing itchiness and perhaps even ear infections.

DearBuds SE tackles this by acting as a fan/heater to remove moisture, sweat, and water from your ear in less than three minutes, which the brand claims will “optimise the humidity of your ear canal.” There are three steps to this process. First, a red light will quickly evaporate sweat and water. Second, heat is applied at 30-39°C using a semiconductor heating element to keep the ear warm and cause further evaporation. And finally, the fan dehumidifies the ear, circulating up to three litres of air per minute.

While the DearBuds SE (yes, its name is plural but it’s a single unit) may look like an earbud, don’t expect to be cranking any tunes through it. This is not an audio device. It does, however, come with an accompanying app much like your audio devices. According to the brand this lets you “monitor the condition of your ears in real-time.” What a time to be alive.

If you’ve been suffering from soggy ears lately, the Dearbuds SE Kickstarter campaign will run until 4:00 PM AEST on Friday, August 5 2022. Click the link below if you want a Dearbuds SE device of your very own.

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