Devialet’s Gold Phantom Speaker is the Future of Sound

Last year, award-winning French tech start-up Devialet brought the world a technological tour de force that blew away critics and music industry heavyweights alike – the Phantom wireless speaker. Devialet’s ‘implosive sound centre’ (as they like to call it) was lauded for the unbelievable power and clarity of sound produced by a unit barely bigger than a bowling ball, thanks to the patented technologies hermetically sealed inside by 1.2 tons of pressure.

For the true audiophile, however, these French revolutionaries are on the brink of releasing an even better version of the speaker that wowed the likes of Sting, Rick Rubin and Kanye. Gold Phantom, which looks like BB-8 from Star Wars: Episode VII if it found itself on MTV’s Pimp My Ride, is 8 times more powerful than the original Phantom. With 4,500W of amplification power, 108dB of physical impact and a bandwidth range of 14Hz to 27kHz, Gold Phantom achieves the volume of a live rock concert and the richness of a full symphony orchestra with a miniscule 0.0005% distortion.

How exactly Devialet managed this feat is a question best left to audio technicians, though there is no doubt that your search for a killer living room sound system ends here.

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