The ‘Die With Me’ App Helps You Rest in Peace

Die with Me may seem like a morose and possibly morbid name for an app, but the truth is it’s actually a fun way to enjoy a few moments with others. The concept is simple. Die with Me is a chatroom where you can connect with others and share your thoughts, express your frustrations, and pass the time until your battery dies. From that description you may think that there’s nothing that special about Die with Me. What sets this app apart is that you can only get access to it when your battery has five percent or less on battery life. When your phone’s battery is nearly dead, you have those remaining few moments to log into the chat room and express your frustration.

The benefits of Die with Me are that, first, it can help alleviate what can be a stressful and frustrating experience. When you notice that your phone is almost dead and you log in to Die with Me, you’ll be joined by others in a similar situation and be able to commiserate with them. Shared frustration is easier to deal with, and that’s what Die with Me provides. Another benefit can be making the last few moments of your battery life a game. How many people can you connect with? How many messages can you post? Can you wax poetic, providing a lesson from the universe that can help others in their moments of grief at the passing of their phone batteries?

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