Dig Like a Boss – Stealth Shovel

Now this is not like an invisible shovel like the name may suggest. Well, that’s what I honestly thought when I first heard of this piece of genius. But this is by far the most sophisticated shovel ever created. The implementation of a top blade works with the bottom blade to control the quantity and weight that you lift when shoveling or moving materials around. It reduces the force that you place on your back when lifting. It’s your back saver. It comes in steel and plastic versions.

stealth shovel full part documentation

The steel version is developed specifically for the commercial building industry, where workers can maintain the consistency of cement mixtures, which eliminates the strength issues prevalent in finished concrete and mortar. The plastic version comes with an additional blade to efficiently and easily move materials around. It is made in food grade plastic, where it can be utilised in food manufacturing. So what are you waiting for? Get one, and get digging.

stealth shovel handle and diggining part black

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snow shovel mock