D+I’s Purina Dog Lead Adds Style to Safety

Spending time with man’s best friend is getting a high-tech update thanks to Purina and D+I. The Purina Dog Lead consists of three different components that can be used for just about any activity—a ring handle, a leash, and a jogging glove. The website is fairly sparse on details of how the system works, but from what is shown and said, these are premium tools that you can use to keep your pet safe when out and about.

Purina Dog Lead

The main leash is made from a climbing rope, so you know it won’t fail on you when your canine pal starts pulling and playing. The ring handle looks more ergonomic than the traditional loop of leash. To connect the leash to your dog’s collar, there is a stylish carabineer. The jogging “glove” doesn’t sport fingers, but it does look to slip over your hand so that you’re not having to worry about holding onto a leash while running.

Purina Dog Lead attachment

The lead is part of a set of premium products created for Purina by D+I. Previously, the design company created a pet bed and a harness. D+I is an industrial design and product development company that offers consulting services to interesting parties. With more than 30 years experience and 50 industrial designers and mechanical engineers on staff, D+I has worked with many companies across a broad range of markets all around the world. D+I has offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Purina Dog Lead also help train your dog

Leashes aren’t just for controlling your dog. They’re also important in keeping you, your dog, and others safe. It’s important to use a leash and to train your dog to respond to that leash. With leashes being such an important part of your relationship with your dog, why not add in some premium products? That way, you can both be safe in a styling way.

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