DJI Drone Goggles – The Ultimate Drone Accessory

When DJI released the Mavic Pro drone last year, they hinted that a pair of FPV or first-person-view goggles designed for the Mavic Pro. Enthusiasts have been waiting anxiously for the announcement of the goggles. DJI finally launched the DJI Drone Goggles and are definitely worth the wait.

vr view

The DJI Drone Goggles connect wirelessly to the Mavic Pro. They are also compatible with some of DJI’s other drones, including the Inspire Series and the Phantom 4 Series. The DJI Drone Goggles provide the user with a 1080p birds-eye view from the camera. The goggles have a pair of 1280 x 1440 resolution screens inside. They can stream 720p over long distances. When the drone is flown closer to the pilot, the screens are capable of 1080p. The displays are incredibly clear and bright. These goggles produce crystal clear video feed.

vr inside view

These goggles come with DJI’s Head Tracking feature. This allows the pilot to control the drone by simply moving their head. You turn your head left or right and the drone will fly in the direction that you turn. This flight-control feature is truly groundbreaking.

vr buttons

Two buttons are located at the base of the goggles. These buttons are used to navigate the menus. There is also a scroll wheel that is used to focus.

vr power button

There are several intelligent flight modes, including Tab Fly, ActiveTrack, Cinematic Mode, Tripod Mode and Cinematic Mode. Pilots can initiate the Mavic’s intelligent flight modes from a touchpad located on the side of the goggles. The touchpad on the side pulls up a menu on the screen.

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