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Dji om 5

Is the DJI OM 5 the Best Smartphone Gimbal Out There?

Do you remember that whole shaky cam period? That time when it was the cool thing for shows and movies to have footage that shakes and jiggles? Fortunately, we’re past all that—unless you’re shooting video with your phone and trying vainly to hold it steady. If you need your footage to be more stable and still, you’ll want to set up with some sort of a gimbal. The DJI OM 5 is a new gimbal that allows you to record video or timelapse sequences with your smartphone in a solid and polished way.

Dji om 5 front tilted

Image: DJI

The DJI OM 5 offers 3-axis stabilisation. Using a magnetic phone mount, the gimbal offers quick setup, and a built-in extension rod allows for creative shots, and even more creative angles. The front of the phone sports a joystick that lets you tilt and pan the phone. The joystick also houses the record button, which if you hold down will also let you use a burst shooting feature. Keep looking on the joystick, and you’ll find a switch button that lets you change between front and back cameras on your phone. You can use the same button to switch between landscape and portrait mode.

When you find the position you want, you can use the trigger button on the back to lock the gimbal in place. Locking it in also activates Active Track 4.0. This feature tracks your subject automatically, which you identify by drawing a square around the head and shoulders of your subject. Gesture controls also let you control the gimbal when you are standing in front of it. Alternatively, you can use DJI’s Mimo smartphone app. There are plenty of tutorials in the app, as well as ShotGuides, which will offer suggestions of what shot sequence you should use.

Given that the gimbal is palm-sized and portable, the DJI OM 5 is open to just about any audience. The smart algorithms make it easy to create masterful footage regardless of your experience level. The gimbal comes in either Sunset White or Athens Gray. And perhaps best of all, these features can all be had for just $159.

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Dji om 5 front standing

Image: DJI

Dji om 5 front tilted extend

Image: DJI

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Dji om 5 back tilted

Image: DJI

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Image: DJI

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