Don’t Get Left Behind, Pick Up Samsung’s Ahead Smart Speaker Today

Samsung is committed to taking the smart speaker trend from your pocket or bedside table, and putting it on your head. Designed to be placed on a helmet or hat, Samsung’s Ahead Smart Speaker is the first product of its kind, to keep you connected in an increasingly linked society. This is like your old Bluetooth headset on steroids.

The Ahead uses an oscillator to transmit sound through vibrations, creating safer, entirely hands-free, and individually remote communications, keeping you connected, while not endangering you or pestering anyone around you.

If you want to find a new way to communicate with your buddies, stay up to date with your family, or jam out to your favorite new banger, the Ahead is for you. Samsung has also included all of the other important aspects of a smart speaker like navigation, weather forecasting, and a web based search function.

Head over to the Analogue-Plus to discover more about this new technology and how you can get ahead – small pun intended – of the latest trend in wireless speakers.

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