Don’t Touch That Dial! Urbanears Connected Speakers are Full of Classic Charm

Urbanears, the Swedish audio company best known for its quality headphones has made the jump into the home audio market with a pair of aesthetically pleasing multi-room wireless speakers. There’s the Stammen, the little one and the Baggen, the big guy – built with simple humanised interfaces which mean there are no screens or buttons, just two knobs. The first knob controls play/pause, and seven presets, while the second handles volume and switches between solo and multi-room connectivity. These old-school operations bring back the charm and simplicity of walking up to the household radio and twisting the dial.

urbanears connected speaker making your digital life

The more complex tasks are managed via your smartphone. The Urbanears Connected app takes users through a step-by-step flow and optional tutorial. The app can also be used to manage stuff behind the scenes— like speaker groupings, and equaliser settings. You can stream from Spotify Connect, Airplay or Chromecast built-in; connect via Bluetooth, or use the classic aux cord hook-up and make any of these apps pre-set options. The Speaker software updates itself making your digital life that little bit easier.

urbanears connected speaker on the table

The Urbanears Connected Speakers are available in six colour variations, including Dirty Pink, Vinyl Black, Plant Green, Concrete Grey, Goldfish Orange and Indigo Blue. They are available now.

Check it out

urbanears connected speaker colorful style

urbanears connected speaker bess and volume controller

urbanears connected speaker different size

urbanears connected speaker play and push switch

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