The Dreamwave Survivor Bluetooth Speaker is Literally the Life of the Party

The Dreamwave Survivor is the kind of gadget that can provide you with hours of endless fun and one day even get you out of a jam. That’s because in addition to being a high performance sound system it’s also a 400A battery jump starter and super bright LED flashlight. If the convergence of these various functions sounds a little random at first, then isolate them one at a time and the Survivor becomes an all-inclusive default for a variety of situations.

Start with the battery recharger. Being sturdy and portable, you can throw the Survivor in your trunk and practically forget about it until the day your battery dies. Then the Survivor becomes akin to a spare tire–there in case of emergencies so you don’t have to ask strangers for a jumpstart. As a flashlight it serves a similar utility, being there when you need it in times of darkness (that sounded a little melodramatic but you get the point).

dreamwave survivor bluetooth speaker front side

Now for the best part–it’s also a polymer battery powered audiophile sound system that can deliver superior fidelity for up to 16 hours. Being it’s already in your car for emergencies it’s also now a handy source of party-pumping music no matter where you are and no matter how harsh the weather. If you’re camping, boating, or just rolling up to a party in the woods the Survivor virtually guarantees hours of great music for you and your friends to listen to while you shotgun beers and roast marshmallows or whatever the heck it is you guys are doing out there at all hours.

As if all this wasn’t enough, the Survivor can also recharge mobile devices and supply hands-free calling thanks to Bluetooth compatibility. In other words, having this baby on hand can easily make you a hero when your friends need anything from a jumpstart to some quality tunes. However, we should warn you we hear snakes respond to vibrations so blast the bass with caution when you’re out in the woods–on the other hand snakes really hate all that EDM you’ve been playing so you’re probably fine.

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