Drop Pounds but Not Calls – The Bose SoundSport and SoundSport Pulse

If you work in an office it becomes pretty easy to separate the go-getters from the men who simply scrape by. The go-getters are the ones who dress well, look good, are always on their Bluetooth and usually wake up an extra hour early to exercise. Now you might be a go-getter or you might not–we’re certainly not here to judge. But if you are a go-getter, allow us to present you with the last pair of wireless headphones you may ever need. Introducing the Bose SoundSport, part of Bose’s latest effort to simply trounce the competition in wireless headphone technology.

bose soundsport pulse designed earbuds

Whether you’re making important calls or just listening to music, the SoundSport has your back–or your ears, rather. The headphones are hassle-free and all-inclusive thanks to the absence of clutter and up to speed Bluetooth compatibility. The earbuds are resistant to sweat and water and utilize the company’s StayHear+ design, meant to remain intact no matter how intense the workout. Also featured is a battery life of six hours and an inline mic that allows the wearer the field calls, adjust the volume and change tracks.

bose soundsport pulse earbuds look

The SoundSport is available now, and set to debut in September is the SoundSport Pulse. The Pulse has many of the same features of the SoundSport but with a heart-rate monitor that syncs up with various fitness apps and one less hour of battery life. Bose apparently left no stone left unturned. Your days of clunky wires and dropped calls might very well be over.

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bose soundsport pulse bluetooth earbuds