12 Days of Christmas – Day 12 Dyson V6 Absolute

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Dyson is probably the best known company in the vacuum market and this is for good reason. Their products are always innovative, useful and even manage to look cool. The Dyson V6 Absolute is another great release and it has some unique features which lead to its excellent quality.

The V6’s digital motor is small and efficient, allowing for the cordless vacuum to remain powerful and light even with such great performance. The patented Dyson cyclone technology also allows for the vacuum to capture fine dust that may be missed by other competitors. The direct-drive cleaner head picks up both large debris and fine dust at the same time. The combination of these innovative features allows for a cordless vacuum that can be used on the floor, the stairs, or even the ceiling.

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dyson dust capture used on floor

dyson dust capture used on stairs

dyson cyclone technology dust cleaner head

dyson dust cleaner allows for a cordless vacuum