Ecobee’s New Smart Thermostat Gets the Price Right

Who doesn’t want to save money? Ecobee’s new Smart Thermostat promises to save homeowners 23 per cent annually on their heating and cooling costs. That’s enough of a saving that Ecobee will pay for itself inside of two years.

smart thermostat

Ecobee uses sensors that are placed in the rooms that are used. Rather than heating or cooling the whole house, and wasting that temperature control of rooms that are never used, Ecobee focuses on those rooms where people are. The sensors measure both occupancy and temperature, which then signal Ecobee to turn on or off.

You can also set Ecobee to turn on when you’re home, or to stay off when you’re not. Best of all, setting up Ecobee is totally DIY and can be done in just 30 minutes. Once set up, Ecobee can even be controlled from your iOS or Android device. Just download the app from either the App Store or from Google Play. It’s also compatible with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, and more.

Finally, Ecobee will send you reminders for maintenance or alerts if something isn’t going right.

ecobee smart thermostat

Considering that Ecobee literally pays for itself in just a couple years, your investment into this smart thermometer is one your financial advisor won’t be able to argue with.

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