Elon Musk Adds the SpaceX Spacesuit to His Wardrobe

One innovation at a time, SpaceX is making cost-efficient interplanetary travel a reality. Recent accomplishments include the Falcon 9 landing, representing the world’s first reflight of an orbital class rocket, and the First Dragon Reflight, which saw a reusable commercial spacecraft deliver goods to and from the International Space Station. Now founder Elon Musk has given fans yet one more slice of futurism to savour by posting a picture of a working SpaceX spacesuit on Instagram. Like everything Musk does, the new SpaceX spacesuit represents one giant leap forward in terms of both modern style and prime functionality.

the spacex spacesuit to his wardrobe

Between companies like Tesla, Boring and SpaceX, Musk has earned himself a striking reputation for giving past achievements a true 21st century makeover. Naturally, the SpaceX spacesuit is no exception. Minimalist and a savvy, the suit rocks an aesthetic that hangs somewhere between race-car driver and stormtrooper – one look at you know the days of the Apollo 11-esque astronaut suits are over.

As Musk himself states, the suit is a working model, having been tested to withstand double-vacuum pressure. He goes on to say that achieving such a distinguished balance between form and function was not an easy task, whereas one tenant usually overtakes the other. Nevertheless, mission: accomplished.

the spacex spacesuit going upstairs

The suit also represents SpaceX’s broader goal of creating a tangible roadmap for the future. Musk not only wants to make luxury space travel a thing, he aims to colonise planets and explore space itself at maximum efficiency and reduced cost. Never before has the survival of mankind looked so damn good.

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