All Your Entertainment Needs at your Fingertips with the Savant Remote + Host

Have you ever wanted to connect with your home and entertainment all using just one remote? Controlling over 380,000 entertainment devices, the Savant Remote + Host works with the devices you already own, allowing for easy access to your favourite channels, music, and gaming devices. A ‘Learning’ system notes how frequently you watch your most watched channels, allowing quick access for the ones you watch the most. The ‘host’ acts as the central entertainment hub, connecting your remote to all the Savant features available. The Savant Remote + Host allows you to create your own ‘atmospheres’. Turn off the lights for movie night, dim the lights and add some romantic music for your date-night-but-you-want-to-stay-in night. Voice control allows you to access all this as well, so you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of options. An easy to use, convenient tech device that allows you to control everything from your remote, the Savant is the perfect home device for entertainment, minus the effort.

savant remote host device easy to use

savant remote host product