Ergonomics Lesson – Grovemade Monitor Stand

While our recent ancestors lived in fear of getting a finger chopped off in the metal grinder or breaking a leg after falling off a scaffold, the threat to our own health is slightly less dramatic though no less real. As lame as it sounds, our current technological landscape poses threats like back and neck injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and even vision impairment. Heck, you didn’t think sitting and staring at a screen all day was good for you, did you?

grovemade monitor apple pc on wooden stand

To combat health risks posed by the new sendentary standard, companies and products have emerged boasting ergonomic designs that don’t sacrifice visual appeal. One such company is Grovemade, and they’ve built a simple stand for your desktop computer that could very well save you a trip to the chiropractor somewhere down the road. That’s because the stand allows you to sit upright and keep the monitor at eye level while you work. Such a thing might sound slight, but trust us your neck will thank you.

grovemade monitor apple pc on wooden stand design

Grovemade definitely knows its way around the wood-shop and their Monitor Stand is no slouch in the craft department. It was made using sturdy Eastern hardrock maple, which can support up to 200 pounds of weight while taking up precious little room on your desk. The Grovemade Monitor Stand therefore takes a minimalist and graceful approach toward everything from desktop aesthetics to personal health, making it a surefire winner in our book and hopefully yours too.

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