Why Is Everyone Talking About the New BeoSound Shape Speakers?

Tired of ugly speaker systems that you have to hide out of sight? The designers at Bang & Olufsen have come up with a speaker system that looks just as great as it sounds.

Bang & Olufsen is known for creating incredible sound systems. They have innovated in the world of music once again with their newest speaker system—the BeoSound Shape. This modular speaker system is made up of hexagonal panels. It is wall-mounted, and you can set the speakers up in any configuration that you choose. This speaker set looks more like a piece of wall art than speakers.

beosound shape speaker attached on the wall

Bang & Olufsen uses a unique algorithm that ensures that the sound remains centred no matter where you are in the room. Bang & Olufsen also offers an app that allows users to position the hexagonal-shaped speakers in a way that will create the best sound in the space available.

beosound shape speaker front side

The BeoSound Core is at the heart of these speakers. This connectivity hub supports wireless streaming from Spotify Connect, Chromecast, AirPlay and Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLink system. Other features include Bluetooth 4.1, wired inputs for Ethernet, a USB-C connection and more. Most audio formats are supported by the BeoSound Shape system, including hi-res files.

The BeoSound Shape system includes eight tiles, which consist of four speakers, two acoustic dampeners and absorb sound, one amplifier and housing for the Core. The system is expandable up to 11 amplifier units. Each amplifier unit can support up to four speaker tiles or a total of 44 in all.

Check it out

beosound shape speaker display system

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