Express Yourself With Montblanc Augmented Paper

We tend to rely on email as a fast and accessible way to share information, but it’s always much slower from a smartphone and emails don’t have that personal touch like pen and paper. Montblanc has a solution that also takes the traditional art of handwriting into the digital world. Montblanc Augmented Paper allows you to write on traditional paper then access your handwritten notes via your mobile device. The Montblanc Augmented set comprises of a lined paper notebook, Montblanc StarWalker Ballpoint Pen housed in a digital leather envelope.

montblanc augmented paper

It works like this. Write, sketch or draw on the paper notebook with the StarWalker writing instrument that works just like an ordinary ballpoint pen. Record all writing and sketches with the digitizer enclosed in the leather envelope, and then press one simple button to transmit your notes to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Convert your handwritten notes into digital text and edit them with the Montblanc Hub app. Store and organise the notes on your smartphone or tablet and share the files via email and cloud services. It’s individual expression augmented.