Fifish P3 Underwater Drone Reveals the Murky Depths

You may not be Captain Nemo piloting the Nautilus, but the Fifish P3 Underwater Drone will still let you explore the underwater world—and with over 70 percent of the earth being covered in water, that’s a lot of exploring to do.

The drone is compact, measuring only 492mm X 337mm X 183mm—comparable in size to a computer tower—and weighs about 6kg. Three thrusters can propel the drone up to a speed of 1.5m/second. The battery life comes in at an impressive two hours, so no worries about short excursions, especially when you’re diving to its max depth of 100 meters.

fifish p3 underwater drone light

The camera is powerful as well. Capable of 720P and 1080P at 30 frames per second, or 2.4GHZ in live transmission, the camera offers a 162 degree field of vision and a F2.8 underwater aperture. It captures 4K HD footage and has a 4,000 Lumens LED light with eight levels to illuminate what you’re shooting. The 1-inch CMOS sensor is four times as large as any other underwater camera sensor, allowing for larger pixels and a maximum ISO of 12,800 for increased contrast and detail.

The controls promise to be easy to master, and considering they mimic the popular and ubiquitous game controls, all those hours playing Halo will pay off. You can set depth limitations or turn on automatic cruise, or manually control the drone in six different directions.

You can sign up on their website to get updates on the release date.

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