Fin Personal Assistant is an Underdog Story

For a small startup to take on giants like Alexa, Siri, Google, or even Facebook seems a little like a third grader standing up to a fifth grade bully, but that’s what Fin Personal Assistant is doing. And they’re doing it well.

Fin Personal Assistant is a virtual assistant similar to any of the other digital assistants like Siri, Echo, or Google Assistant in that it uses AI to answer questions and take on your tasks. The difference with Fin is that this new assistant combines the machine with an actual person. Fin employs 50 employees that help take on your requests. According to company founders Andrew Kortina and Sam Lessin, the results of the combined effort are more accurate than just the AI model. That accuracy is because of the human element. Where machines struggle to understand nuance and personal complexity, the human half of the equation gets it.

Fin is geared toward professionals and lay people who could use a little help getting to all the many things on their to-do lists. Fin can help with sending emails and texts, placing calls, scheduling appointments, booking travel and hotels, paying bills, and even making purchases. Fin is also able to transcribe documents and research online to find answers. Most importantly, Fin learns your preferences to better meet your needs.

Fin currently offers two plans—a $25 per month limited service, or $120 for full service with a cost of $1 per minute worked.

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