The First Autonomous and Wireless Underwater Camera – iBubble

Introducing the world’s first completely autonomous and wireless diving drone. It will let users explore and enjoy the underwater world as it follows and films. A connected bracelet controls the iBubble as it tracks and understands the way users move. The other controls on the bracelet include 360-degree selfie, zoom in and out and different filming modes. Switch between these modes with one touch. The iBubble will be an underwater companion for an hour on a single battery until it automatically resurfaces. The LED lights will make it easy to locate once it strays away from users. It is compatible with most action sport cameras such as the GoPro. When not at sea, it will continue to follow on land with the convenient carry handle.

Very easy take pictures underwater by ibubble camera

The user-friendly features make it simple to operate for recreational and professional scuba divers, free divers and snorkelers. Let iBubble burst into action.

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