Fitbit Announces its New 2019 LineUp of Fitness Tech

Like the very products it creates, Fitbit always keeps consumers on their toes. In September of 2019, that means the release of an all-new lineup of fitness tech, including the new Versa 2 Smartwatch. The popular brand is also rolling out a new paid membership service, better known as Fitbit Premium. Rounding out the slate of upcoming releases is Fitbit Aria Air, an affordable and effortlessly usable Bluetooth smart scale.

Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch

While similar in design to its predecessor, Fitbit Versa 2 delivers notable improvements and upgrades. For example, this marks the first Fitbit smartwatch to come with Amazon Alexa and Fitbit Pay built-in to every model. That’s joined by revolutionary sleep features such as Sleep Score, which monitors things like heart rate and restlessness to provide a nightly evaluation of your sleeping patterns. Along similar lines, a feature known as smart wake will determine the best time to snap you out of your slumber each morning.

fitbit aria air

Also available for pre-order is Aria Air, Fitbit’s easy-to-use Bluetooth smart scale. Not only will it provide basic information like weight, but it will furthermore determine BMI data and other personal trends. On top of that, the scale can integrate your readouts with holistic health data in the Fitbit app to offer a direct and intensive window into your overall well-being.

FitBit Premium

To take your smart fitness regimen to the next level, consider signing up for Fitbit Premium, the brand’s all-new paid subscription service. Available in the app, it uses unique data to create the most personalised guidance and coaching to date, offering dedicated programs, a variety of workouts, challenges, sleep tools, and numerous insights. With this service and these new products at your disposal, there’s simply no metric or approach left behind.

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