Fitbit Back and Better Than Ever with the New Charge 3

Leading wearable tech brand Fitbit has just introduced its newest tracker, the Charge 3. In addition to hosting a touchscreen display, a 7-day battery life, advanced sensors, and a slew of fitness-related features, the sleek gadget includes a swim-proof design and inductive button. Slim, smart and sexy, the Charge 3 is as light as it is sturdy, and impressively fashionable to boot. Indeed, this is one sure way to elevate your regimen without losing your stylish stride.

fitbit charge 3 front

Thanks to its new swimproof design (which is water resistant to 50 metres), the Charge 3 functions in the shower, rain, pool, or ocean. Keeping pace with your laps and water-based exercises are features like Swim Mode and SmartTrack. Of course, the gadget also works just as admirably on land. To that end, it offers over 15 goal-based exercise modes for biking, running, weightlifting, yoga, and more. Use the Charge 3 to see how many calories you’ve burned, and to monitor other vital metrics like distance and duration in real time. Also included are the latest advancements in sleep tracking and analysis.

fitbit charge 3 back

Giving the Charge 3 some genuine smartwatch-like functionality are features such as Connect GPS, and an on-device dashboard. Sync the gadget with an adjoining Fitbit app and you gain access to even more utility, such as personalised insights, dashboards, challenges, social groups, Fitbit pay, and a full spread of brand apps. Available in a variety of colours, the new Charge 3 is your latest fitness essential, and so much more. The tracker starts at $229.95 USD, while a Charge 3 Special Edition (available at a later date) will retail for $269.95 USD.

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fitbit charge 3 side

fitbit charge 3 belt

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