Fluance RT81 is Record Quality Sound

Fluance, a household name for audiophiles that is synonymous with quality construction and matchless sound clarity, have released a new record player that eschews the modern bells and whistles of style and advanced technology like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and focusses very simply on the vinyl. Now, that’s not to say the RT81 Hi Fidelity turntable isn’t stylish, far from it in fact, but it is classically elegant. With a walnut finish and Perspex lid, it looks more like a record player than some of the new Starship-Enterprise looking decks we’ve seen hit the market in recent years.

fluance rt81 record quality sound system side shape

What it does feature is just about every thoughtful addition you can imagine to make a record sound as much like a record as a record should. The Audio Technica AT95E elliptical diamond stylus drops in with only two grams of tracking weight, and the turntable also features a Texas Instruments pre-amp and gold-plated RCA cable outputs; there is literally not a single component of this machine that isn’t the best for the job. It’s not as expensive as you might think, and considering its pedigree, probably wouldn’t be complete without some of Fluance’s beautiful speakers. The quality of sound from this company’s offerings need to be heard to be appreciated as they really do speak for themselves.