Focus On This: The IQ3 100MP Camera System From Phase One

Phase One makes the bold claim that its A-Series IQ3 100MP camera system is the finest photographic hardware in the world. No expert has spoken out debunking these claims so who am I to argue? The IQ3 is built with precision optics, a custom-calibrated digital back and meticulously manufactured components. It’s also packaged with unbeatable imaging software to deliver untouchable quality and exclusive workflow innovations for fine art photography.

Taking complete advantage of the Rodenstock optics, IQ3 features a combination of the highest resolution, highest dynamic range, and full 16-bit colour. The digital innovation of the Factory Lens Calibration (FLC) means photographers are no longer burdened by the need to manually create and apply LLC profiles to an image. Just select the lens, capture the image and pursue your vision.

phase one iq3 camera onetouch user interface

Introducing the OneTouch User Interface: A comprehensive 3.2-inch retina touch display that gives users the ability to select the intended lens with a simple touch of the screen. Plus you can easily preview high-quality images, zoom to 100% and check focus and control the electronic shutter. To reduce the camera’s size, Phase One has done away with the optical viewfinder, and instead, the IQ3 integrates over WiFi with any iOS device using Capture Pilot. This software gives you astonishing Live View control, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

phase one iq3 camera all accessories

The A-series IQ3 Camera System comes with all the accessories needed straight out of the box. From batteries, chargers, and cables to high-quality leather straps and iOS device holder. Everything is included. Three well-rounded lens options ensure optimal versatility and performance, no matter what your subject. Lenses range from the ultra-wide Alpagon f/5.6 23mm, the wide ALPAR f/4.0 35mm and the Alpagon f/5.6 70mm.

The included 5-year warranty covers the entire system, from Lens to Screen.

Check it out

phase one iq3 camera front and side view

phase one iq3 camera 35mm rodenstock alpar lens

phase one iq3 camera mobile and laptop

phase one iq3 camera all overview phase one iq3 camera alpha 100mp cmos sensor phase one iq3 100mp camera angled view phase one iq3 100mp camera angled view phase one touch electronic shutter display phase one iq3 camera power button and hdmi hd quality image capture pahse one iq3 camera

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