For $20K, You Can Have a Pair of Diamond Encrusted Airpods

With Apple’s Airpods becoming their most successful hit in the wearables category, even surpassing the Apple Watch, it’s no surprise that people would take a crack at customizing them. Los Angeles based designer Ian DeLucca has created a custom set of Airpods that he’s selling for $20,000. Why such a steep price? The Airpods are encrusted in 1,000 diamonds, have a white gold coating, and come with a custom marble stand for display and charging.

custom 20k airpods with diamond and gold

The Object No. 1 Airpods are part of DeLucca’s “New Materialism” series. The series takes a look at what happens when art and commerce meet. DeLucca explains the series as guiding us “into new relationships with the material world.” The Airpods are the first of the series that will reimagine products in more luxurious terms.

20k diamond airpods top of the stand

The diamonds for the Airpods, which are said to be VVS1 quality and are naturally mined, not manufactured, don’t appear to interfere with the wearability of the Airpods—they’re confined to two rows that are precisely aligned down the stem of the buds. The white gold also looks like it won’t cause problems for the wearer. The marble base, which as noted isn’t just a display but also a charging station, is extremely well done and could easily be found in a museum displaying a rare antiquity.

airpods encrusted with 1000 diamond

Even with a $20K price tag, there might be a shortage for thee Airpods, much like the regular versions experienced a shortage when supply didn’t meet demand during their launch. DeLucca will only be producing 25 of these beauties, so you’ll want to act fast if you’re interested. Each pair of Airpods will be inscribed with both an edition number and the creation date. You’ll have to direct message DeLucca on his Instagram account to get a pair.

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20K diamond encrusted airpods mock up