The Fuji GF670 Rangefinder Camera Goes Old School

When Fuji discontinued their popular GF670 Rangefinder Camera several years ago, many photography buffs were disappointed. Luckily for photography enthusiasts who didn’t get the opportunity to buy the camera when it was first introduced, Fujifilm recently discovered a lot of the discontinued Rangefinder Cameras lying around at its United States warehouse. The cameras are now being sold by online retailer B & H.

fuji gf670 both 120 and 220 film rolls

A dual medium format professional rangefinder camera, the GF670 can shoot both 6×6 and 6×7 images. Although you can’t change the format mid-roll, you can select the format at the beginning of the roll. One of the advantages of the GF670 is that it can accept both 120 and 220 film rolls. The simplicity of a rangefinder along with the flexibility of choosing films is one feature that made the Rangefinder so popular when it was first introduced.

fuji gf67 lens and side view

The GF670 Rangefinder has fully manual capabilities. In addition, it features an aperture priority automatic exposure mode. An electronic leaf shutter ranges from 1/500th to four seconds speed. The ISO setting has a range of 25 to 3200. It is set manually using a dial at the top of the camera. Other features include a Fujinon EBC 80mm f/3.5 lens and center-weighted metering.

This lightweight camera was originally designed with the traveling photographer in mind. The compact size of the GF670 makes it ideal for street photography. The lens folds fully neatly into the camera making it very convenient for traveling.

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