Furbo is Your Furry Friend’s New Love

This is one for your furry four-legged friend. Furbo is a smart dog camera that allows users to see, talk and throw treats to their canine companion. Your dog will never feel lonely again, as Furbo is designed to ensure your dog always get the attention it craves. If you would like to see how your little friend is living its life while waiting for you to come home, Furbo has got your back no matter what. It will send an alert to your phone when it detects your dog barking, so you can check what your furry friend is after.

image of dog in the mobile screen

If your dog wants a treat, you can record your voice, which will play when treats are tossed. Working closely with vets and professional dog trainers, Furbo has a light indicator where it contains colours blue and yellow. Dogs can only see these two colours, hence, this system will change from yellow to blue when tossing treats and vice versa. A revolutionary creation that can be sitting under the tree for your dog’s present this Christmas.